Perfectionism can be something extremely limiting your fluency. We can tend to be so worried that our speaking of the language isn’t coming 100% accurate, it may have multiple structural errors, intonation mistakes, and most likely pronunciation ones as well. If you wait until your grasp of the language is complete before you start using it you’ll never learn it, plain and simple. I don’t mean using it within a language session setting, or with your language coach. You need to use it in real life conversations. It’s something I personally had to overcome, the first few times with the first few languages it was very embarrassing, but after doing it I realized that it’s not that bad at all. People enjoyed helping me out, no one made fun of me (except for once is Paris, apparently these two guys thought I was American and had something against them and sent me on a wild goose chase looking for a McDonalds), but I survived that ordeal probably the better for it since I have one less McDonald’s meal in my body thanks to them. And in all other cases people were extremely helpful, and loved imparting their wisdom and instruction on me. You most likely make occasional mistakes in your native language anyway. Speaking fluently in a language takes time, but action can start right away.

#perfectionism #procrastination

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