Let time work for you

Sadly lot’s of people give up way to soon when starting out with a new language. They maybe take a couple sessions, and learn a few concepts and they’re really excited but then it just seems that after that things all of a sudden got really complicated and they’re unable to progress at all. You have to break through that barrier and allow time for simple neuroplasticity to take it’s course. There are of course ways to diminish the learning curb, but it does take time for your brain to start making the distinctions that you can use when formulating more complex communicative structures with the language data that you’re learning. Just like how growing muscle takes time, after you work out you get an immediate pump, but then that goes down but gradually with time, consistency and regular training your muscle fibers increase in thickness and you get stronger and more awesome. If you get frustrated that you can’t understand what people are saying in the language after your first few sessions, or that you can’t formulate complete phrases right away, it would be as silly as expecting to be Schwarzenegger in his prime after your first few gym sessions. Let time work for you, the awkward stage will pass much quicker than you think.


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