The psychological aspect of the language

You can have the best possible method when learning a language but if you don’t understand the psychological aspect your progress will be very limited. If you approach language learning like some giant wall you need to destroy and you just relentlessly hack away at it all you’ll end up doing is hating the language & the learning process. Maybe if you get to that frustrated state you can go back to the reasons why you’re learning a language and find some motivation to get back into it and power through trying to slay the great giant that is the language. All a language is at it’s core a means of communication, it’s an artistic way we express what we’re thinking. There are certain rules we follow in order to insure that we follow the natural flow of a language, but all we’re doing is communicating.

When learning keep that at the forefront at all times, picture yourself actually communicating when you’re speaking to a real person. Naturally it helps if you’re actually communicating with a real life person be it a language coach or just a fellow speaker of the language, and feeding of their reaction to what you’re saying. But if that’s not possible then just picture it in your mind, in every single concept, phrase, structure that you learn. Not to get all mythical on you, but you have to flow with the language and let the fact that you’re able to communicate in that language become a part of your identity.

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