Taking action!

How can I start learning a new language? Or, what’s the first thing I should learn in my new language? I’ve talked about both those subjects more in depth in other articles, and I’ll be going over them continually from different angles, but the main and most important thing I can say is: Just start taking action. Take a first step. Start speaking with the bits of the language that you know, talk to your self, I’m a big advocate of that since it’s a way I’ve always practiced things I’d learned in a course. Sign up for a course, just make sure you don’t waste your time on a course that says they’re going to teach the language to you, get a course that’s all about communicating, whose entire focus is in implementing and practicing communicative abilities and concepts. I happen to know a good one :) we’d love to have you. Most everyone knows a little bit like the the first few words in a language they’re trying to learn, that many times is why they wanted to learn the language in the first place, because they heard a few words of it and it piqued their interest, then they heard a few more basic words and they remembered those. Start communicating with the basic introductory and greeting phrases, and then soon you’ll be able to formulate short sentences. Then once you know those sentences you’ll be able to go back and see how you grammatically organize them and then start growing into longer sentences. Don’t waste too much time on grammar, start speaking and then learn the structure, this may sound counterintuitive but it really works. You need to understand what you’re learning, you need to be able to make constructive distinctions with what you’re learning, otherwise it will just seem way too foreign for you, and won’t be relative or real at all.

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