Don't care

Possibly the biggest limitation that I’ve noticed both in my self and in my language learning clients is the fear of what people will think about them as they’re learning their target language. Fear of how they’ll sound, that they won’t sound educated there are lot’s of fears that are specific to each person. Yes, the reality is that at first you usually do sound a bit silly. You’ll probably have an accent, your structure will be incorrect. Your tenses, intonation, etc. But the reality at least in my experience, is that most people really don’t care. Most folks appreciate the fact that you’re trying and actually jump at the opportunity to help you out, to pass on some of their knowledge. People love sharing their wisdom with others, it feels good to come across as an expert at anything. You can totally take advantage and play the I’m-lost-share-with-me-of-your-vast-intelligence card. And even if you don’t get that same reaction from some people (like if you’re learning French and practice your French with certain Parisians) So what! At the end of the day, it’s your life and your personal development/progress, so what if a random person who you’ll never see again acts rude. There are plenty of others who’ll be more than glad to help you out, I guarantee it.

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