Geniuses talk to themselves

It’s scientifically proven…I’m sure it’s not referring to people who mindlessly mutter to themselves while under some kind of influence. But people whose internal conversations analyze and rationalize subjects and issues they’re interested in and/or working on. It’s refreshing to hear that since I often carry on elaborate conversations in a language that I’m learning, between myself and one or more fictional characters. It’s immensely effective, I imagine starting a conversation, talking about current events, discussing locations that I’m interested in, arguing about an issue, etc. If you’re interested and working towards dominating a language, this could be a valuable use of your extra time while completing day to day tasks and errands. If you can do it out loud, great! Just I wouldn’t recommend doing so in a place where you’re visible to others, or you could run the risk of appearing like one of the above mentioned personalities :) Easy way to get around that…pretend you’re talking into a cell phone. Put on your earphones and you’ll most likely be taken for someone on a phone call. Give it shot…


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